Dedicated to Agile Methods, Software Craftsmanship and IT Management.

What is

The top of every page states that this site is "Dedicated to Agile Methods, Software Craftsmanship and IT Management." Expect to find that content here. There is some syndicated content at the feeds menu at the top of the page - but this is primarily a blog site. At its core, a blog site is a creative expression for it's author. Perhaps it is a side effect when others find the content helpful. For the most part I am documenting my thoughts and findings but of course I hope that others will find value in it.

My name is Rik Dryfoos. I am an Agile Coach at GE - more details on the contact page. Although I am an employee of GE, the content of this site does not necessarily reflect GE's official views, policies or opinions.

That said, some of the content here *is* indicative of the views, policies and opinions of many leaders and executives that work at GE. That is pretty cool and that is one of the reasons that I feel privileged to work there. I try to be diligent about attributing credit where it is due. I am influenced by people I work with and those whose books and blogs I read (links to some of these are available on the site). Additionally, portions of this site are aggregated from various RSS feeds that I find valuable. All syndicated content is marked as such.

And the name - what's that about?

When I was a kid I was fascinated by space exploration and like many my age I wanted to be an astronaut. As I got older and became aware of what the astronaut career path really looked like, I adjusted my ambitions in the down to earth direction.

I became involved with New Media when it was called Multimedia. I became a developer in a wild west environment and hung on for the ride as the internet took off. I felt like we were all exploring a new frontier at that point. Today I still feel that this is the case. And hence the site name, ITnaut. It is short and it describes what I think I am doing plus it gives me an excuse to use a really cool image on the home page.

For more on the name and the notion of programing in the wild west, see the introductory blog post titled, Welcome to ITnaut - Exploring the Information Technology Frontier.