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GE, Agile & the Cranky Old Engineer

We are fortunate at GE to have an internal Agile Conference with over 50 sessions of GE Agilists and industry guests. On Monday August 27, 2012 at the 3rd Annual GE Agile Development and Training conference, Steven Denning is giving a keynote "Successful Agile Leadership Strategies". I was just re-reading the Denning's article in Forbes from June 2012 "GE Gets Agile"

When is v1 Feature Complete?

A member of the Software Craftsmanship group on Linkedin recently asked a question about how to determine requirements. Turns out he was asking about system requirements such as RAM and processing speed.

I interpreted the question as one about feature requirements because, well... that is the kind of requirements that I spend my time thinking about. In any case, how might a team determine minimum feature requirements?

The Pairing Staircase

Once a team has nice pairing stations and agrees that pair programming should be the norm, we get to pick into the more subtle issues around pairing. When a certain developer picks up a new story, does she generally avoid working with one particular teammate? Is one member of the team consistently working alone? At its best, pair programming matches every dev with every other dev.